2017 February Printable Calendar

The ancient Mayans of Mesoamerica developed February 2017  calendar printable variety of calendars that could be used independently or together to keep track of Earthly and astronomical cycles. The calendars tracked the changing seasons, the phases of the moon, the orbits of the planets and the movements of stars. The Mayan 260 day calendar, called the Tolkien, is one of the oldest known calendars and is still used today. Similar to the way our yearly calendar is split February 2017  calendar printable in to months and weeks, the Tolkien consists of smaller 13 day and 20-day cycles, two numbers important in Mayan astronomy, nature and mythology.

February 2017 Printable Calendar

The Mayans also used a much larger calendar, called the Long Count calendar, to keep track of larger units of time—past, present, and future. The Long Count calendar is composed of units of time February 2017  calendar printable called Bakunin, each approximately 395 years long. Think of the similarity to our calendar system today, which uses a periods of 100 years, or a “centuries,” to denote long spans of time.First, they are utterly critical for any content February 2017  calendar printable marketing program to be successful Second, most businesses don’t use them.New social media platforms are sexy. New marketing ideas are sexy. Calendars, for most of us … not so sexy.Let’s be honest … even though content marketing has been around in various forms for hundreds of years, most marketers are short-term campaign driven types — similar to what you might see on Mad Men — who throw some social media tools on top of it all.But that’s not content marketing. Content marketing is not a short-term campaign … it’s a long-term strategy to attract, convert, and retain customers.

Free February Printable calendar 2017

You can’t have a long-term strategy without some tools to manage it all. And one of the most effective tools February 2017  calendar printable. you can use is the editorial calendar.So let’s take a look at how this works Traditional marketing departments used to gear up around the latest product push. But more and more marketing resources are starting to look like publishing operations, similar to what you’d see out of Inc. magazine or Entrepreneur.This change is exactly the reason we are covering this topic Assigned content producer(s) and/or editors responsible for the content. Here you name the people responsible for producing the content. If you have multiple editors, you identify them as well.
The channel(s) for the content. A listing of formats and channels targeted for the content. For example, you may have an blog post that is part of an eBook series that you are publishing on Slide share. You may want to identify if you will also deliver pieces through multiple distribution outlets like your email corespondent, or social sites like Twitter or Google+.
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